Virtual 5k, 1-Mile Fun Run, and Tot Dash October 4-10

Go For Bo is a fun, healthy, community event benefitting Virginia-based nonprofit, Helping Children Worldwide whose Child Reintegration Centre and Mercy Hospital care for the children of Sierra Leone, Africa. This year, we’re going virtual! Join us October 4-10, 2020.


Registration is open!

A virtual race for everyone – join us October 4-10, 2020. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 overall male and female runners. If competition is not your thing, everyone is welcome to go at their own speed. And all early registrants will get a unisex technical dri-fit race shirt.

Thank you to all of our donors!

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About Go For Bo

Go for Bo Race grew from the idea of having a fun, healthy, and challenging community event to support the children and families of Bo, Sierra Leone, Africa.

The Republic of Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa, and Bo is a town of approximately 500,000 located in the Southern Province. Sierra Leone is known for mining and exporting diamonds, but it struggles to manage exploitation and export in the diamond trade. Most of its citizens live in extreme poverty. These factors have contributed to a situation in which child trafficking and public health are major problems.

That’s where we come in. For nearly a decade, Ebenezer Church has been proud to partner with Helping Children Worldwide. Through its programs, the Child Reintegration Centre and Mercy Hospital, they provide critical services to families in Bo, Sierra Leone, Africa. Through our partnership, the people of Ebenezer Church have donated more than $250,000 to help build the hospital’s surgical wing, purchase an ambulance, and care for the children of Bo. This year, the relationship is expanding to support HCW’s education, family stability, maternal health, and childhood nutrition initiatives in Sierra Leone.

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